On Campus Activities

English Village

The English Village provides a unique opporutnity where FWU students are able to experience a simulated study abroad without leaving Japan. Twice a year (May and November), about 50 students stay together in a lodging facility to spend an intensive two days using English only in daily conversation. Lectures and various activities are held, and everything is conducted in English.
International students (WJC students) are actively involved in the project as facilitators, leading ice-breaking and other activities. This inspires students to be more active in developing their English communication skills.

JD-Mates (Joshi-Dai-Mates)

JD-Mates are the official groups of FWU students who support both long and short-term international students, helping them to find their way around the campus and to adjust to living in Japan. They also organize and participate in events with overseas visitors to FWU. They play a key role in the international activities of our campus by guiding overseas visitors, organizing events (e.g. exchanges with the local community), participating in field-study trips. The JD-Mates Program brings together international students and domestic students to create a global community at FWU. JD-Mates program is composed by three groups, namely JD-Mates WJC, JD-Mates ExS, and JD- Mates Fresh.

JD-Mates WJC support international students enrolled in the WJC program
JD-Mates ExS support incoming exchange students enrolled in the International College of Arts and Sciences
JD-Mates Fresh support first-year international students enrolled in the International College of Arts and Sciences